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Unlock the Power of Your Health Data: The Roadmap to Vibrant Living

What if you had a personal Sherlock Holmes decoding the clues hidden in your health data? Imagine unraveling the mysteries behind your energy levels, mood swings, and overall well-being with the help of an expert guide.

Decoding the Data

Have you found yourself in a labyrinth of numbers and graphs from your fitness trackers or health apps? Those data points can quickly lead you down a rabbit hole of Google searches and misconceptions, wasting precious time and energy – potentially even causing more harm than good.

Making sense of what those metrics mean for your unique self – your mood, energy levels, diet, and sleep quality – is no easy feat without the right guidance to sustainably incorporate the insights into your daily life.

Meet Your Personal Health Detective

Hi, I’m Laurie, and I approach health data like a detective on a case. I love piecing together the clues to reveal the full story behind your wellness. In fact, I’ve been using data analysis tools for myself and clients since the 1990s – long before terms like “biohacking” became trendy.

Beyond the Numbers

When we work together through my Better Balance Blueprint experience, I teach you to look beyond just the numbers on your glucose monitor, fitness tracker or other health apps. We dive deep into the patterns within your diet, sleep habits, and lifestyle choices that could be contributing to hormone imbalances or unstable blood sugar levels.

Those insights bridge the gap between raw data and your daily experiences, illuminating patterns you might have never noticed.

Is blood sugar instability at the root of your hormone woes?               

Find out if blood sugar imbalance could be at the root of your fatigue, brain fog, cravings, moodiness, increasing stress, hair loss, period or skin problems, expanding waistline — & more!

An Intuitive, Sustainable Approach

Instead of eliminating foods or activities haphazardly, we identify the true root causes through careful examination. This intuitive, sustainable approach allows us to create a tailored plan to help you feel energized, sleep soundly, and optimize your metabolism – without requiring you to overhaul your entire life.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions that fizzle out as quickly as New Year’s resolutions. Every person is unique, and your path to optimal health deserves a plan as distinctive as your fingerprint.

Together, we’ll find the rhythm that makes you feel vibrant, joyful, and supports your body to thrive. That’s where true healing begins.

A Holistic Journey

Remember, you’re not merely a collection of numbers or symptoms. With each new insight gleaned from your data, we progress closer to crafting a plan that aligns with your life and goals.

As your guide, I promise unwavering support, decades of hard-earned expertise, and profound respect for the journey you’re navigating.

Better Balance Blueprint

Through my signature experience, Better Balance Blueprint, we’ll track and analyze your glucose levels, restorative sleep patterns, and nervous system responses over time. This data will inform your customized plan to rev up your metabolism.

You’ll discover how all these interconnected systems function within your unique biology and learn to restore balance without guesswork.




This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, manage, or treat disease or serious conditions. Always check with your doctor before making any changes. It’s important to consult a well-informed health practitioner for personal advice about your situation before relying on general information we’re all wonderfully unique.

Laurie Villarreal, FNLP, CHWC, FNS, LMC, CPT, RYT

Hi, I'm Laurie, a functional nutritionist and board certified health coach, athlete, dog-mom, and biohacking adventure-lover. After having struggled for years to find lasting solutions for my own debilitating hormone-related symptoms, I created my online practice to begin helping other active, driven women get the support they need. I now help  women around the world elevate their health, energy, business and life by optimizing their hormones with personalized nutrition and lifestyle tweaks. Together, we discover new tools and strategies that keep you showing up at your best so you can play even bigger in your life and work.

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