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Hi, I’m Laurie,

Coach, educator and self-care enthusiast, I help active, driven women, like you, optimize your health & hormones to get back to feeling, performing (heck, even looking!) your best so you can play bigger in life and work — with much more joy and ease.

Client Love:

“I never knew blood sugar was so important until I met, Laurie. Now I can’t wait to get my next CGM. I’m really excited! I’ve seen when it’s at a good level I feel good, and see it’s doing right for my body.”

Rachel, client 2021

“Laurie has been a tremendous help… I am very thankful she runs this program and is so knowledgeable and supportive.”

B. England, client 2017 – 2018

“Laurie is a vast resource of knowledge. If she doesn’t know something, she’ll find it. Everybody out there, use Laurie as a resource. She knows so much.”

M. Bache, client 2015 – 2018

“Laurie helped me transform into another person. The end result is nothing short of amazing. Laurie is a great motivator. She is always happy, and always emits positive energy.”

E.V. Ballegoij, client 2014 – 2018

“I’ve learnt so much about what MY body needs to stay stable. My mood, my energy, my skin and nails, even my weight has improved. I have less bloating, and better periods — no symptoms at all.”

Rachel, client 2021

“Achieving something I didn’t think I could has made me feel proud of and surprised by myself. That’s a fantastic feeling.”

L. Parker, client 2015

“Laurie is a very passionate coach. Her knowledge and experience with creating a strong community for her clients is so inspiring. She makes me feel safe and in good hands.”

S. Fogel, client 2014 – 2020

“I would recommend anyone to work with Laurie. It will benefit you as much as it did me.”

E.V. Ballegoij, client 2014 – 2018

Feeling less than your best

is not your destiny

Exhaustion, brain fog, moodiness, an expanding waistline, skin issues, hair loss, PMS, wonky periods, low libido, anxiety, gut trouble… You don’t have to live with it.

These common hormone-related symptoms affect women at any age. It’s become the norm but it doesn’t have to become yours.

Before I got back to feeling like myself I’d spent several years, thousands of dollars and countless hours studying and searching for a better way. Thankfully, I found it. And you can too.

No need to overwhelm yourself with a sea of conflicting health information. Instead, let’s focus on what’ll have the greatest impact for you.

Save your valuable resources and get support from someone who’s been there. Let’s get you back to showing up your best — now and for years to come.

Get started now. ↓


Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Laurie Villarreal, a board-certified health coach, functional nutrition practitioner & fitness expert specialized in women’s hormones.

My passion is helping you get back to your vibrant self so you can carry on chasing your big dreams and thrive in all that you do.

You’re high-achieving, well-travelled and dream of making greater strides in your life and work but struggle to wake up feeling fully rested. Stress and anxiety have gone up while your energy’s taken a nosedive. Some days all you can do is push through, despite the foggy mind and scattered brain.

All that and more has you feeling less than your best despite your mostly healthful way of life — and you can’t quite figure out what’s going on (nor can your doc!). It’s so dang frustrating.

I know the feeling, because I’ve been there too. Eventuallyand thankfully! — I found my way back, which finally led me here. 

Read my story here.

Year of Yes!

Power your next big goal or adventure with renewed energy and well-being.

It all starts with optimized Metabolic Health. Take my 3-minute health assessment to discover your next steps.

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Laurie Villarreal, FNLP, NBHWC, CPT, RYT
High-Performance Health Coaching for Women
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