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The three secrets to ending sugar cravings with Tricia Nelson

In this conversation, Laurie and Tricia Nelson discuss the three secrets to ending sugar cravings. Tricia explains what sugar does to your body and how you conquer your cravings with the 3Ds. For more support in your sugar journey, she introduces the 5-day quit sugar challenge.

Tricia Nelson lost fifty pounds by identifying and healing the underlying causes of her emotional eating. She spent over thirty years researching the hidden causes of the addictive personality. Tricia is an Emotional Eating Expert and TEDx speaker, and author of the #1 bestselling book, Heal Your Hunger, 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now. Tricia is the host of the popular podcast, The Heal Your Hunger Show and is a highly regarded speaker. Tricia has been featured on NBC, CBS, KTLA, FOX and The List.

Many people struggle with quitting sugar, trust me I’ve been there too! That’s why I believe Tricia’s 5-day quit sugar program offers great guidance and support, also I earn a small commission if you buy the program through the links on this page without any extra fee to you.

Sugars impact on your health

Sugar impacts your health in many ways including:

  • Inflammation, which makes you more susceptible to illnesses and autoimmune diseases
  • Spiking your blood sugar, which reoccuringly can lead to metabolic disease, belly fat, prediabetes & diabetes
  • Wrinkles, because sugar reduces skins elasticity
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

If this sounds like you, you might unknowingly have too much sugar in your diet or might even be addicted to sugar.

The 3Ds to ending cravings

The 3Ds to end cravings are:

  1. Detect
  2. Detox
  3. Delish

Be sure to watch the video for more action steps and to find out if you are addicted to sugar.

Further support

For more support enroll in Tricia’s 5-day quit sugar challenge, where you will gain freedom from addiction and start feeling like yourself again, whilst being part of a community that is there to support you.

Find out more:

Connect with Tricia on instagram @tricianelson_ and check out her website for more information and tips. Her 5-day quit sugar program offers the tools and support to end sugar addiction.

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