Thank you!


Thanks for letting me in on your biggest struggles. It can be tough navigating it alone and I hope you have some great supporters. Should you need more or just one star supporter, I’m here. Please reach out.

As promised, here are 3 unusual tidbits about me:


At 25 I moved to France (from Texas!) on a whim, only 3 months after I came up with the idea. More than 15 years later I’m still in Europe. Didn’t see that one coming!


Four years later, I started a running community for fun and it turned into a full-fledged business with hundreds of participants. I quit my “day job” and became a running coach. Who knew?! 


I’ve loved interior design and architecture since I was a young kid. Instead of the usual kid-tv, I watched home renovation shows. I’ve been redesigning home interiors on graph paper since then. And friend’s homes too!

Now, stay tuned.

As I source or develop new content that aligns with your needs, I’ll keep you posted. (Yeeeee! Exciting!) Until then, sending you much love and joy.


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