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Revving Up Your Metabolism: The Path to Energy and Balance

Imagine waking up each morning feeling vibrant, energized, and ready to tackle the day – no more brain fog, sugar cravings, or exhaustion holding you back. It’s time to reclaim your metabolic power and embrace a healthier, more balanced you.

The Metabolic Shift

Have you struggled to maintain the energy levels and vitality you once had? You’re not alone. As we enter our perimenopause or menopause era, natural hormonal changes can wreak havoc on our metabolism, causing weight gain, bloating, and sugar cravings that leave us feeling less than our best.

For years, we’ve been told that these symptoms are inevitable – a rite of passage we must endure. Well-meaning coaches and doctors may have advised the age-old mantras of “calories in, calories out” or “exercise more, eat less,” but let’s be real – if it were that simple, we wouldn’t be struggling.

The Missing Piece: Blood Sugar and Insulin Balance

The truth is, to reignite your metabolic fire after 35, the missing piece lies in dialing in your blood sugar and insulin levels. As our estrogen levels naturally decline, our blood sugar and insulin can take a wild ride, impacting not only our metabolism but our mood, energy, and overall well-being.

When blood sugar and insulin levels soar, our bodies prioritize burning glucose for fuel instead of fat, leaving us stuck in a “sugar burner” state. This metabolic dysfunction makes it incredibly challenging to lose weight, especially around the belly area, and can leave us feeling fatigued, foggy-brained, and craving sugary treats.

Ditch the Restrictive Diets and Intense Workouts

Here’s the good news: regaining control of your metabolism doesn’t mean jumping on another restrictive diet or spending countless hours at the gym. In fact, those intense workout regimes and “healthy” diets you’ve been following could be the very culprits behind your blood sugar dysregulation and metabolic dysfunction.

It’s time to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and embrace a personalized, data-driven solution tailored to your unique needs and body.

Is blood sugar instability at the root of your hormone woes?               

Find out if blood sugar imbalance could be at the root of your fatigue, brain fog, cravings, moodiness, increasing stress, hair loss, period or skin problems, expanding waistline — & more!

The Power of Biofeedback

That’s where the science of real-time biofeedback data comes into play. By monitoring your body’s responses to sleep, diet, and lifestyle choices, we can decode the root causes of your suboptimal blood sugar levels and create a customized blueprint to restore balance and revive your metabolism.

No more wading through a sea of misinformation or relying solely on clinical research that may not apply to your specific needs. With biofeedback, you’ll gain accurate, personalized insights that empower you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

A Supportive Community for Lasting Change

But you don’t have to go it alone. I’m bringing together a community of like-minded women over 35 who are ready to defy the midlife narrative and become the strongest, healthiest versions of themselves.

Together, we’ll explore simple shifts that keep your body and blood sugar in harmony, tame sugar and carb cravings, release hormonal weight gain, and help you wake up refreshed and energized each morning. You’ll learn how to create a personalized blueprint for metabolic and hormone healing, all while enjoying your favorite foods and avoiding endless guesswork.

Better Balance Blueprint

Are you ready to reclaim your vibrant, fabulous self? Join us on this journey of metabolic and hormonal healing, where you’ll discover the power of personalized, data-driven solutions and the support of a community that understands your challenges and celebrates your triumphs.

Through my signature experience, Better Balance Blueprint, we’ll create your blueprint for metabolic and hormone healing to help say goodbye to the frustrations of the past and hello to a future filled with boundless energy, balanced hormones, and a renewed zest for life.

Your metamorphosis begins now.




This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, manage, or treat disease or serious conditions. Always check with your doctor before making any changes. It’s important to consult a well-informed health practitioner for personal advice about your situation before relying on general information we’re all wonderfully unique.

Laurie Villarreal, FNLP, CHWC, FNS, LMC, CPT, RYT

Hi, I'm Laurie, a functional nutritionist and board certified health coach, athlete, dog-mom, and biohacking adventure-lover. After having struggled for years to find lasting solutions for my own debilitating hormone-related symptoms, I created my online practice to begin helping other active, driven women get the support they need. I now help  women around the world elevate their health, energy, business and life by optimizing their hormones with personalized nutrition and lifestyle tweaks. Together, we discover new tools and strategies that keep you showing up at your best so you can play even bigger in your life and work.

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