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Setting goals for the year? Make sure to ask yourself these questions…

If you’re like many people in January (including me!), you’re creating personal, financial, relationship, and/or spiritual goals for the year.

AND you’re thinking about what you need in place to reach those goals.

The Challenge I Set for Myself

In 2024, I have a few fun goals.

One is to lift heavier than my trainer (an ultra-fit badass who was once a professional rugby player for the Dutch national team and 7 years younger).

I came up with this challenge when she shared that I’m almost there.

Restoring my strength to pre-health-set-back days has been a journey of ups and downs.

It feels good to see consistent gains again and to be able to get stronger than I was before.

Plus, I love a good challenge!

What I love about this goal is that it’s not about getting lean or looking fit.

It’s also challenging common beliefs and perceptions of what strength and fitness look like or how fitness declines as we age (it can also improve!).

I now have a much different approach to training than I did in my 30s.

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

Gaining strength (and health!) is not just about lifting weights in a gym.

There’s a lot more to it. (I also don’t go to a gym.)

From planning to rest. Nutrition to sleep. Stress balance to mindset and self-care.

The approach matters. As does the support.

Just like most goals.

I have to admit…

In the past, I made more than a few mistakes when setting goals:

I DIY’d it all.

(That was mostly ego-driven, me being frugal, or not being in touch with what would actually get me there without burning out or wanting to give up.)

Or I joined in on a friend’s goal.

(Because it sounded fun or supportive.)

And I often picked goals that prioritized my appearance AND the next big fitness milestone.

(Such as shedding weight while working toward a new PR or milestone)

Most times, I was chasing external recognition (what others could see) – often at the cost of my inner health.

Then, I hit a wall.

Lessons Learned

Or, to be more specific, I hit my head in a snowboarding accident and had a major concussion.

It sent me down a health spiral and a 2-year long journey to figure it all out and reclaim my health, energy, and vibrance again – while learning the hard way to reprioritize health above all.

Now, when it comes to goals I make sure that:

  • It’s aligned with MY values and bigger vision.
  • It lights me up – and fills my cup.
  • And, if I’m on a mountain, I wear a helmet. 🙂

Let’s face it.

Chasing someone else’s vision or goals is a drag. (Especially if it sets you back from your own.)

Busting your behind to get someone else’s approval or meet someone else’s expectations wastes valuable time and energy.

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Questions to Set Yourself Up for Goal Success

Because I love going after big goals and saving time and energy where I can…

I have 4 questions that guide me (and I invite you to snag them for yourself):

  • How will I get there with more ease? (What’s the plan? Who can help illuminate my path for more joy and fewer setbacks or struggles?)
  • What (or who) do I need to KNOW? (What resources, education, or help might I need?)
  • Who do I need to BE? (How do I need to SHOW UP every day?)
  • What’s the first or next best step?

How about you? What helps drive your success these days?

For many of us (especially high achieving women over 35), having more energy for creative pursuits, work, and life, getting more restful sleep, feeling better in our bodies, and reducing anxiety, chronic pain, PMS symptoms, inflammation, or illness are at the top of the goal list.

After all, without a baseline of good health and well-being, our other goals become almost impossible to achieve.

If having more energy, more fun, better sleep, better concentration, better relationships, or better sex is on your list for 2024 (and you suspect wonky hormones and blood sugar issues might be blocking your progress)…

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Cheers to your health and happiness in 2024!



This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, manage, or treat disease or serious conditions. Always check with your doctor before making any changes. It’s important to consult a well-informed health practitioner for personal advice about your situation before relying on general information we’re all wonderfully unique.

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