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The Magic of Metabolic Healing: Rediscovering Your Body’s Delicate Balance

Can’t remember the last time you felt like ‘yourself’ – your body is trying to tell you something…

When Your Body Feels Like a Stranger

We all have those amazing moments – you open your closet and discover a dress or pair of jeans you haven’t worn in years that suddenly fits perfectly. It feels like finding Cinderella’s lost glass slipper! Those moments remind me that the work I’m doing to prioritize self-care as I get older is truly paying off.

However, when perimenopause begins (which can start in our early 30s), it’s easy to feel like our bodies have been snatched by the hormone monster. The woman staring back at us in the mirror seems unfamiliar – exhausted, stressed, and just plain out of tune. Many of us start experiencing unpleasant side effects like brain fog, sleep troubles, mood swings, intense cravings, and unexplained weight gain.

(You know what I’m talking about – when it feels like you just have to glance at a cookie to gain five pounds. Thanks a lot, hormones!)

Why Simply “Trying Harder” Backfires

I remember being able to effortlessly manage it all in my 20s – early morning gym sessions, late nights out dancing in heels, 2 am plates of migas to refuel, and still have energy left over to go for a run the next day.

But when I began struggling with blood sugar and hormone issues later on…just typing that sentence would have wiped me out. I was so frustrated that my tried-and-true workout routine wasn’t cutting it anymore.

So I started pushing myself even harder, believing I just needed more intense exercise. But it only left me feeling more depleted, hungry, and mentally foggy. I’m sure many of you can relate!

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying we should try to relive our wild 20-something days (unless you want to!). But as we transition into our 40s and beyond, it’s normal for hormonal changes to prevent us from feeling as vibrant, energetic, and clear-headed as we used to.

Your Blood Sugar is the Conductor

After decades helping women achieve their goals with joy and without compromise, I discovered this secret:

Your blood sugar acts like an orchestra conductor, providing steady fuel to create a metabolic “symphony” of energy.

When blood sugar levels get thrown off balance by stress, dieting, overexercising, or lack of sleep, that delicate internal symphony falls quickly out of tune.

Exhaustion, weight gain, and mental fog won’t improve by placing more stress on your body –

  • Spending hours at the gym
  • Severely restricting calories
  • Following super strict diets

(Not to mention, it’s zero fun!)

Yet we’ve been told those tactics lead to weight loss, so we keep pushing. But they often create more symptoms by flooding our bodies with cortisol and other stress signals.

It can feel like you’re stuck in an endless loop of trying and failing when nothing seems to work.

Is blood sugar instability at the root of your hormone woes?               

Find out if blood sugar imbalance could be at the root of your fatigue, brain fog, cravings, moodiness, increasing stress, hair loss, period or skin problems, expanding waistline — & more!

Stress is Out of Tune With Healing

Here’s the little-known truth:

In a state of metabolic imbalance, your body doesn’t actually want more restriction or long cardio sessions…it wants healing.

The good news is, you absolutely can heal your metabolism – without excessive testing, guesswork, supplements, or hours at the gym.

It simply takes a personalized approach tailored to YOUR unique needs to restore balance and spark that inner metabolic fire.

You’re not alone if your metabolism feels out of whack. And it’s not your fault! It might just be time for a little metabolic magic.

Rediscover What Your Body Needs

Interested in support with metabolic healing? I have a few 1:1 coaching spots opening up next month – contact me if you’d like one!

Or, if you prefer being a part of a community of goal-oriented women on a transformative journey to reclaim health and vitality, click here for more information the Better Balance Blueprint Program.

No matter where you’re at on your health journey, there’s no judgment here. With all the body positivity talk lately, it’s easy to feel shame for wanting to lose weight. We might also feel embarrassed about weight gain or a loss of control.

Finding true body acceptance is a process – and it’s possible for both body love and a desire for change to coexist. Weight fluctuations can be a signal worth paying attention to. I believe listening to our bodies IS an act of self-love.

Wanting to look and feel your best (however you define that) is nothing to feel guilty about. Healing is about tending to both the physical and emotional needs of our unique bodies.


This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, manage, or treat disease or serious conditions. Always check with your doctor before making any changes. It’s important to consult a well-informed health practitioner for personal advice about your situation before relying on general information we’re all wonderfully unique.

Laurie Villarreal, FNLP, CHWC, FNS, LMC, CPT, RYT

Hi, I'm Laurie, a functional nutritionist and board certified health coach, athlete, dog-mom, and biohacking adventure-lover. After having struggled for years to find lasting solutions for my own debilitating hormone-related symptoms, I created my online practice to begin helping other active, driven women get the support they need. I now help  women around the world elevate their health, energy, business and life by optimizing their hormones with personalized nutrition and lifestyle tweaks. Together, we discover new tools and strategies that keep you showing up at your best so you can play even bigger in your life and work.

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