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Hi, I’m Laurie, a functional nutritionist, health coach, data nerd, and biohacking adventure-lover.

After struggling for years to find lasting solutions for my own debilitating symptoms of autoimmunity, hormone havoc and blood sugar imbalance, I began helping other women around the world get the support they need to heal naturally, even when nothing else has worked.

Now, I help high-achieving women, like you, optimize their health and hormones to reclaim their vibrance, brainpower, and body to get back to feeling fabulous, confident and in control. I give women the tools to become masters of their health and healers of their hormones.

Ready to get unstuck? Click the button below to apply for a free hormone harmony strategy session to learn about simple solutions to get your health and life back.

Laurie Villarreal, FNLP, CHWC, FNS, LMC, CPT, RYT

Hormones | Metabolism | Blood Sugar

Nutrition & Fitness guidance, Health Coaching, Mind-Body & Lifestyle Medicine, High-Performance Coaching, Practitioner support

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