Revolutionizing our approach to life, work & fitness by putting our female physiology first 

I’ve been there too.

For most of my adult life and adolescence I’d had typical (too often normalized) symptoms of hormone imbalance. I didn’t realize or recognize the signs until my mid 30s when my life and health began to rapidly unravel.

At the time I was a fit, ambitious, mountain-climbing, multi-marathon running endurance athlete. I was a go-getter and thrill-seeker (perhaps even an overacheiver), running a successful fitness business with hundreds of clients and heaps of education in optimizing fitness and wellness.

What I knew was consistently getting my clients to their goals. But as my mid-thirties approached, all of a sudden none of it seemed to help me. As much as I tried to push through, my “normal” symptoms became debilitating.

I went from climbing mountains with ease to hardly able to walk a flight of stairs. Instead of leading my less fit friends on bike rides, I could hardly keep up. My easy 5K recovery runs began to wipe me out for weeks.

When it came to work, I hardly had two “good” hours a day and was lucky if I could even get out of bed, or remember my appointments

My mood, mind, weight, periods, hair, skin… all that was rapidly changing too.

I desperately yearned to get my life and body back but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work.

When it comes to our hormone health, we’re minimally supported by our conventional systems.

In my darkest moments I was turned away by multiple medical professionals and told that there was nothing they could do for meI knew I wasn’t alone.

I refused to accept this as my new way of living and being. If I could help it, I didn’t want to depend on caffeine, sugar or pharmaceuticals to power me through my days.

So I turned to books, I researched and began learning from experts in Functional Medicine & Nutrition.

It was then I began to more vividly understand the hormone-health connection and its necessity for optimum wellbeing.

Everything we do impacts our hormones, at any age.

It can lead us closer to or further from feeling our best and realizing our dreams.

It definitely kept me from mine of running a successful business and from showing up by best self for those that I served.

Eventually — and thankfully! — I got back to feeling like myself, which led me here.

Our current system and way of living doesn’t support our distinct female physiology — to set us up for more success & less struggle — the way it supports men.

That needs to change. We deserve better.

There’s a serious education gap and a woeful lack of support when it comes to supporting our hormone health and allowing women to thrive.

Through my online and in-person coaching practice, I now help fill this gap by supporting women who believe there’s a better way. 

I believe in a functional, whole-life approach to wellness.

Because everything we do impacts our hormonal health and wellbeing and is leading us closer to or further from feeling our best and realizing our dreams. But we can take the lead.

Harmonize your hormones, optimize your life.

From personalized nutrition and wellness guidance to doing the deep, much needed inner work of coaching, I help you soar to new heights — to show up and play bigger (and brighter!) than you’ve ever imagined.

Along the way, you learn priceless skills and tools show up your best for years to come.

Guiding the personal growth & transformation of amazing women, just like you.

For more than 10 years I’ve guided the personal growth and transformation of hundreds of amazing women (& men!) who — like you — wanted to upgrade their health and happiness but struggled to go it alone.

An educator at heart, I’ve been teaching, coaching & guiding since I can remember. I love it!

Starting off as a tutor to my school-aged peers, then a swimming and fitness instructor in my teens and early 20s, I eventually worked my way into a full-time business, coaching everyday runners and endurance athletes.

It all led me to a life of entrepreneurship where still today I find myself building and designing programs and services to help fill important gaps and grow needed communities.

Along the way, I’ve accumulated more than 1,500 hours of professional training in the health & wellness space. My focus lies in learning needed tools and skills to help us better balance our bodies, hormones, work, communities and lives. With much love I bring this learning to you.

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